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Interactive Drumming

Interactive drumming is a unique and fun experience guided by a skilled conductor whose whimsical and playful gestures lead audiences along a unified groove. Groups are molded into true listeners whose collective beats become effortless, fun and easy –
all thanks to skilled facilitation.

The effects of drumming are well researched and prized for its effects on group dynamics, as well as the many physiological and psychological health benefits:

Music is the one language that transcends boundaries. Its positive power gives us direction, focus and passion for life, its negative power sends us into sorrow and need. This dualistic play of sound is vital to growing our own psychological and emotional development.

The Art of Conducting

Conducting an orchestra requires a highly skilled interpreter to direct the simultaneous performance of multiple instrumental groups by using emotive gestures, which guide the collective into a harmonious expression of the chosen piece of music. Typically, a conductor chooses the works to be performed, carefully works out his interpretation of the piece and then relays his vision to the performers, ultimately shaping the sound of the ensemble.

Group musical inter-actives, such as drum circles, are somewhat different – the participants are mostly complete beginners from various backgrounds and age groups, lacking any musical training and basic skills around volume control, tempo fluctuation and the understanding of the subtle energetic interplay between player and instrument.

The music created is natural, in the moment and free from structured forms, allowing participants to be completely themselves, while being encouraged to add their own sound to the group collective. This in the moment playing allows for a creative musical mess to unfold, which is skillfully directed back into fun functionality through gestures and guiding actions that foster group cohesion, affording participants a euphoric experience of their musical unity.

What to Expect from
Interactive Drumming

  • Along with the Conductor, we will supply 2 to 6 support performers on bass drums and Djembe (African drum) all depending on group size.
  • Everyone will receive a drum.
  • Fun filled interactive drumming with percussion.
  • Soothing sound session with famous Hang Drum or Didgeridoo.
  • Length of interactive drumming is normally 60min but can be shifted to accommodate any needs.

Trance Drumming

Trance Drumming gives every one young and old an opportunity to find their beat in a fun and interactive way. Once the group has familiarised themselves to a chosen rhythm they are encouraged to loose themselves in it, added percussion and accompaning rhythms add’s to the dynamic of the over all music encouraging an elated altered state of being, listening deeply to ones own creativity and allowing it to come to the surface. This new state becomes the all important and healing transcendental state of mind.

This state of being in the moment is found natrually while making music. The mind is given a chance to relax, letting go of both past and future thought processes, only the music exists. This state of mind makes it easier to enter meditation or self reflection in between rhythms helping and reminding us that these moments are precious, not only because they are relaxing and destressing but because these moments of silence are profound, affecting our own internal dialog.

Trance Drumming is held at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre in Craig Hall, Randburg every fort-night & open to the public – (check calendar for dates and directions)


The Handpan, commonly known as the Hang, is regarded one of the rarest instruments in the world. This is due to its unique and highly secretive production processes. The instrument was invented circa 2000 in Bern Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer; who both shared the belief that the power of these instruments should remain non-consumerist.

The rarity of these UFO like instruments made them highly sought after. In 2004 Paul Boyter was one of the lucky few artists in the world to own a pair of these wondrously spellbinding instruments.The Handpan is fast becoming one of the most encompassed percussion instruments in bands around the world, able to fit in with any genre and style of music.

Paul has been captivating audiences with his unique style of Handpan performances since 2004 and is mostly recognised for his work with 1st Project and Drum Café. He has been featured in two albums and has performed on many South African radio stations including 5FM and Highveld Stereo FM.

He has also appeared on MNET’s Christmas special in 2010 and was a guest percussionist on the Gareth Cliff Show; as well as having featured in many South African print publications.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

“The most amazing experience. I have been very stressed frustrated and emotional over the last few days, feeling like a volcano emotion bubbling under the surface. I also have nerve-damage in my hands, having no feelings in my left hand. I leave the sessions feeling relaxed and elated almost giddy. The best part is that I have some feeling in my left hand. Thank you.”

Jillian Richter Duarte